lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Canids will return soon...

Hi everybody!

Here Dave, your wiener dog star, to say you that our human drawer, Adri, is really sorry for to don't draw us during two months. He had several reasons, the main reason to be drawing another project that now is almost finished. For that, Canids will return at first of march, with new adventures of Bobby, Edmund, the fat, and for sure, me.

Rick: My name IS RICK ¬¬

Also to say that our human has showed us to several Europeans editorials without much success... it looks that "we aren't in their editorial line" of many of them, whereas another never replied. Has been a hard thing, but we know that is not easy to come into this world. In spite of this, our human says that he'll follow drawing us, doesn't mind if noone wanna publish Canids... we have a little audience that loves us yet... and that's the important thing, isn't it?

A lick to all and see you soon!