viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Save the party!

The improvised party in Rick's house follow, but Rick is so grumpy that Dave think that the fun is in danger there... so he decides to act...

Did you miss me?

The party is ready! Dave did a party in Rick's house, without the approval of the host, and all point that Dave invited at all the dogs in the village... or not? Time to meet the annoying but lovely Bobby.

Weekend alone

This is the first strip of Canids. It's dedicated at all those friends who help me with this project, and also, to Clayton, for help me with the English translation. I hope you all enjoy the strips!
Rick loves the calm, but that's hard to get with friends like Dave... How will finish his alone weekend?

Christmas ilustrations

Last Christmas, I did some ilustrations about Canids. Here they are:

Rick needs to lose weight... LOL

Characters design

Some sketches of Bobby, Dave, Edmund and Rick:





In a little English village, four dogs of different breeds live together like they can, in spite of their different personalities. Here there are the four main characters, whose adventures and experiences will be showed in "Canids":

Rick: Rick is a grumpy and bad-tempered golden retriever who loves a quiet life without surprises. For his disgrace, that kind of life is impossible due to Dave's constant jokes and Bobby's hyperactivity who, for good or bad, loves Rick like if he was his older brother.

Bobby: This old English sheepdog is a huge and unquiet mountain of white and black hair, with the soul of a little pup, dispossed to play with all those incautious who come near to him. Hyperactive and not very brilliant, his innocence makes him an easy victim of all those who, with a bit of inteligence, want to lost his drooling company.

Dave: Don't allow that the cute looking of this Dachshund deceive you! Dave is a little devil who is always thinking in any prank to annoy Rick or to make a party in where can show his outgoing personality.

Edmund: The oldest in the group, Edmund is a cultived, refined and intelligent Basset Hound, and the only one who can put a bit of common sense in this group of so differents friends.

Welcome to Canids

Welcome to my own online comic strip, Canids.

I hope you enjoy a lot with the adventures of these 4 mischievous doggies. Thanks for your visit and... I hope you become a caniddicted!